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What is a Wiki?


For details see HelpForBeginners.

The First Steps

Details see HelpForBeginners.

How do I navigate?

Searching and Navigation:

Good places to start your Wiki exploration:

Using the Editor

To edit a page, just click on Edit or on the link "EditText" at the end of the page. A form will appear enabling you to change text and save it again. A backup copy of the previous page's content is made each time.

You can check the appearance of the page without saving it by using the preview function - without creating an entry on RecentChanges; additionally there will be an intermediate save of the page content, if you have created a homepage (Home is visible).

<!> After editing pages, please leave the edit form by "Save Changes" since otherwise your edits will be lost!

For details see HelpOnEditing.

Tips on the Editor

"Check spelling" examines the text for unknown words.

Within the editor, the usual hotkeys work:

Undo: CTRL+Z Redo: CTRL+Y
Copy: CTRL+C Paste: CTRL+V
Home: CTRL+Home End: CTRL+End

(!) If you discover an interesting format somewhere, just go to the editor to find out how it was done.

(!) In UserPreferences, you can set up the editor to open when you double click a page.

(!) You can subscribe to pages to get a mail on every change of that page. Just click on the envelope Subscribe at top right of the page.

Text Markup and Links

To add special formatting to text, just enclose it within markup. There are special notations which are automatically recognized as internal or external links or as embedded pictures.

Input Display
''italic'' and '''bold''' and __underlined__ italic and bold and underlined
`typewriter` typewriter
^super^script and ,,sub,,script superscript and subscript
PageReference WikiSandBox ?PageReference WikiSandBox
MoinMoin:HelpContents [MoinMoin]HelpContents (InterWiki-Link)
http://www.web.de/ http://www.web.de/
http://www.pythonwiki.de/wiki/img/moinmoin.gif http://www.pythonwiki.de/wiki/img/moinmoin.gif
:)  B)  :))  ;)  :D  :(  :-?  ;)) :) B) :)) ;) :D :( :-? ;)) (Smileys)
/!\  <!>  (!)  (./)  {OK}  {X}  {i} /!\ <!> (!) (./) {OK} {X} {i} (Marks)
{1}  {2}  {3}  {de}  {en} {1} {2} {3} {de} {en} (Priorities and flags)

For details see HelpOnFormatting, HelpOnLinking and HelpOnSmileys.

Headlines and Paragraphs

Headlines are placed on a line of their own and surrounded by one to five equal signs denoting the level of the headline. The headline is in between the equal signs, separated by a space. Example:
== Second Level ==

Paragraphs are lines separated by empty lines or other block structures. This means those lines which directly follow each other belong to one paragraph.

Preformatted text (e.g. a copy of an email) should be placed inside three curly braces {{{ ... }}}:
First Line
Last Line

For better visual separation, horizontal lines can be generated by using four dashes.

For details see HelpOnHeadlines and HelpOnRules.


item list

enumerated list

  1. first item

  2. second item (automatically enumerated)




For details see HelpOnLists.


Tables appear if you separate the content of the columns by  ||. All fields of the same row must be also on the same line in the editor.



For details see HelpOnTables.


For details see HelpOnMacros.
  • 1 Footnotes look like this.


Actions operate either on a single page or on the whole Wiki.

For details see HelpOnActions.

Wikiquette - how do I behave correctly?

Cooperative Editing

Basic principle: Anybody logged in can edit anything.


In general, do follow any hints given on a page, there is generally no enforced limit, but you should not blindly ignore other people's wishes.

Organisation and Structure


For the exercises we use your own Wiki-homepage which is usually based on a WikiName FirstnameLastname: