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  1. Helping with MoinMoin development
  2. Contributions

Helping with MoinMoin development

MoinMoin would miss quite some features were it not for the help of some of its users. What you can do to improve MoinMoin, also for your own benefit:

In any case, you should subscribe to the [WWW]MoinMoin Developer List. More information on MoinMoin source code and other developer issues can be found in the MoinMoin main wiki, on [MoinMoin]MoinDev and its subpages.


The distribution contains a "contributions" directory for 3rd party extensions that are not made part of the official distribution. This directory contains extensions contributed by MoinMoin users and that are considered either too exotic or need too much work to be integrated into the core sources. Another reason of not adding them is that modules in the core have to be maintained when structural changes happen, which is a constant burden.

Thus, these sources are here for you to try them out and take advantage of a feature someone found useful enough to write code for, but you cannot expect that they always work with the current distribution. Contributors are encouraged to send updates...

Other sources of user contributions are linked from [MoinMoin]MoinMoinExtensions.