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'dict' object is not callable
Please include this information in your bug reports!:
Python Python 2.7.18:
Linux erode.bofh.it 4.19.0-6-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.67-2 (2019-08-28) x86_64
MoinMoin Release 1.2.4 [Revision 1.187]
Sat Nov 27 01:29:49 2021

A problem occurred in a Python script. Here is the sequence of function calls leading up to the error, in the order they occurred.

 /usr/local/share/moin/MoinMoin/request.py in run(self=<MoinMoin.request.RequestCGI instance>)
  389                 if handler:
  390                     handler(pagename or
  391                     wikiutil.getSysPage(self, config.page_front_page).page_name, self)
  392                 else:
  393                     self.http_headers()
global wikiutil = <module 'MoinMoin.wikiutil' from '/usr/local/share/moin/MoinMoin/wikiutil.pyc'>, wikiutil.getSysPage = <function getSysPage>, self = <MoinMoin.request.RequestCGI instance>, global config = <module 'MoinMoin.config' from '/usr/local/share/moin/MoinMoin/config.pyc'>, config.page_front_page = 'FrontPage', ).page_name undefined

 /usr/local/share/moin/MoinMoin/wikiaction.py in do_diff(pagename='HelpOnMacros', request=<MoinMoin.request.RequestCGI instance>)
  229     if not oldversions:
  230         Page(pagename).send_page(request,
  231             msg=_("No older revisions available!"))
  232         return
msg undefined, _ = <function <lambda>>

 /usr/local/share/moin/MoinMoin/Page.py in send_page(self=<MoinMoin.Page.Page instance>, request=<MoinMoin.request.RequestCGI instance>, msg='No older revisions available!', **keywords={})
  622         else:
  623             # parse the text and send the page content
  624             self.send_page_content(request, Parser, body)
  626             # check for pending footnotes
self = <MoinMoin.Page.Page instance>, self.send_page_content = <bound method Page.send_page_content of <MoinMoin.Page.Page instance>>, request = <MoinMoin.request.RequestCGI instance>, Parser = <class MoinMoin.parser.wiki.Parser>, body = '[[Navigation(children)]]\n[[TableOfContents]]\n\n==... the {{{[[SystemInfo]]}}} macro:\n [[SystemInfo]]\n'

 /usr/local/share/moin/MoinMoin/Page.py in send_page_content(self=<MoinMoin.Page.Page instance>, request=<MoinMoin.request.RequestCGI instance>, Parser=<class MoinMoin.parser.wiki.Parser>, body='[[Navigation(children)]]\n[[TableOfContents]]\n\n==... the {{{[[SystemInfo]]}}} macro:\n [[SystemInfo]]\n', needsupdate=0)
  722         try:
  723             exec code
  724         except 'CacheNeedsUpdate': # if something goes wrong, try without caching
  725            self.send_page_content(request, Parser, body, needsupdate=1)
code = <code object <module> at 0x7f1cd7ea10b0, file "HelpOnMacros", line 2>

 /var/www/faq/wiki/HelpOnMacros in ()

: 'dict' object is not callable