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  1. Processors
    1. Colorize
    2. CSV


Processors work on the data in a code display. You specify which processor to call by using a bang path-like construct in the first line. A bang path is a concept known from Unix command line scripts, where they serve the exact same purpose: the first line tells the shell what program to start to process the remaining lines of the script.

For more information on the possible markup, see HelpOnEditing.


The Colorize processor currently knows of Python sources, and can syntax-hilight them. Besides the canonical way to call that processor, MoinMoin also recognizes a traditional bang path on the first line of the script, as long as it contains "python".


if lines[0].contains("python"):
    print "colors!"


The CSV processor works on so-called comma separated values, though the comma is now usually a semicolon. The first line is considered to contain column titles that are rendered in bold, so when you don't want table headers, leave the first line empty.

The bang path can contain "-index" arguments, to hide certain columns from the output; column indices are counted starting from 1.

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