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Graphical Smileys

To insert a smiley, just type in your favourite from the table below. They're only converted to an icon though if they are surrounded by whitespace.

Markup Display Filename Markup Display Filename Markup Display Filename
(!) (!) idea.png (./) (./) checkmark.png /!\ /!\ alert.png
:( :( sad.png :) :) smile.png :)) :)) smile3.png
:-( :-( sad.png :-) :-) smile.png :-)) :-)) smile3.png
:-? :-? tongue.png :D :D biggrin.png :\ :\ ohwell.png
:o :o redface.png ;) ;) smile4.png ;-) ;-) smile4.png
<!> <!> attention.png <:( <:( frown.png >:> >:> devil.png
B) B) smile2.png B-) B-) smile2.png X-( X-( angry.png
{1} {1} prio1.png {2} {2} prio2.png {3} {3} prio3.png
{OK} {OK} thumbs-up.png {X} {X} icon-error.png {da} {da} flag-da.png
{de} {de} flag-de.png {en} {en} flag-en.png {es} {es} flag-es.png
{fi} {fi} flag-fi.png {fr} {fr} flag-fr.png {it} {it} flag-it.png
{i} {i} icon-info.png {ja} {ja} flag-ja.png {ko} {ko} flag-ko.png
{nl} {nl} flag-nl.png {pt} {pt} flag-pt.png {sv} {sv} flag-sv.png
{us} {us} flag-us.png {zh} {zh} flag-zh.png |) |) tired.png
|-) |-) tired.png              

For more information on the possible markup, see HelpOnEditing.